Sell My House Fast in Elk Grove With Code Violations. We Can Help!

We Buy Houses With Code Violations

Does your house have a code violation? Code Violations can be a stressful situation as the City of Elk Grove will enforce that you correct these code violations usually within 30 days or you will be fined. If these fines are not paid, then the city will put a lien on your house, and you will not be able to refinance or sell without paying off these liens plus you may be required to do jail time.

Even trying to sell a house with code violations through arealtor is going to be a difficult task. Buyers usually need to get a loan and a code violation will show up as a cloud on the Title, preventing banks from lending on it.

We buy Elk Grove houses fast with code violations!! We pay all cash so you dont have to wait for us to get a loan or financing.  This allows you to sell your house fast without paying fines or having to bring your house back up to code.  We have purchased many houses in Elk Grove with code violations so we know exactly what were doing.

If you have a house with code violations in Elk Grove, we can make a no obligation cash offer for your house in 48 hours or less.  We pay your closing costs and you won’t have to pay any Realtor or agent commissions!

Common Code Enforcement Violations in Elk Grove, CA

  • Trash and other debris on private property

  • Illegal dumping of garbage and trash on private property

  • Overgrown weeds and hazardous vegetation

  • Unsecured / Non-Maintained Vacant Buildings

  • Fences and structures in violation of Elk Grove City codes

  • Illegal auto repairs/dismantling

  • Unsightly buildings in disrepair

  • Illegal signs, including garage sale signs placed on public property

  • Inoperable, disassembled or abandoned vehicles on private property.

  • Parking on Grass or Yard It's illegal to park your cars on the grass or side and rear of yards.

  • Zoning requirement violations for structures and land use requirements, including the use of the structure, location, configuration and size.

  • Illegal and disruptive businesses in residential neighborhoods

  • Illegal Rooming House

  • Graffiti on private property.

  • Substandard housing conditions

  • Work conducted without Building permits.
    City Building Departments are strict when work is completed without permits.

  • Outside Storage All equipment, appliances, garbage cans, etc., must be kept in a garage or carport to conceal from the view of adjacent property or street.