Sell My House Fast Without An Agent or Realtor in Sacramento!


Anyone selling a house in Sacramento would normally use an agent or Realtor, however, it can be difficult for many to sell the traditional way. Some homeowners are behind on their mortgage or their home is in such bad need of repairs, that it would be difficult to sell through an agent.

There are other options, like selling to a Real Estate Investor or cash buyer. This may not the right choice for everyone, but it can be a great alternative to sell your home fast and for cash. Why should you even consider selling your home to an Investor?

  • Flexible Options - Investors may offer various options such as paying cash, or taking over the existing mortgage payments. With many options available, sellers may find a solution that suits their needs.

  • Cash Offers – Often investors are willing to pay cash for a house and with recent lending restrictions, having a cash buyer has become even more attractive.

  • No Realtor Commission – You can save yourself thousands of dollars in commissions because there are no agents or Realtors involved.

  • Selling “As Is” – Investors can purchase a property “as is,” and many times without even seeing it.  As a seller, this is a great opportunity to avoid making any costly repairs and you don't need to do any cleaning, staging or fixing up. You don't have to clean the house before showing it to them and anything left behind is donated or disposed of.

  • Fast Closings – There are investors who can close within 7-10 days.  How is that possible? Because the sale of the property is not reliant on approved lender financing, appraised values or home inspections.